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🌞 2022/23🙏🏽

Latest Photobook - including the
🏠Homes4Grannies👵🏾 Project
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🌞 Our Story        

Our Mission:

Bracelets by Sett!!

Bracelets4Buildings (B4B) supports the less fortunate in Cambodia and Thailand.  
We strive to:


  • Raise funds and awareness with bracelets made by Cambodian artisans.

  • Build homes for those most in need.

  • Give people opportunities to be self-sufficient.

Meet our Bracelet Makers


Our original colourful bracelets are made by local entrepreneurs in Cambodia. We have partnered with them to use their bracelets as a source of inspiration & awareness for all who want to help.


The bracelets are purchased at their full retail price and in turn, sold for $10+ to help fund our building plans. Many of our supporters have made larger contributions; often funding an entire house!

Find out where we are headed next


Get an update on our latest projects and find out how you can get involved.


         FIND OUT MORE



We've partnered with local organizations to find solutions that work best for each location and to discover projects that will have the most impact for the community. 


            LEARN MORE

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