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The B4B Story

The genesis for Bracelets4Buildings began in 2011 when we lost our mentor, Art Steinberg.  A teacher and successful businessman, Art had been doing some amazing humanitarian work in Cambodia and Thailand which included building houses, sanitation facilities, and schools. Lee and Kent started B4B to continue his good work and to honour his legacy.

The Beginning


Bracelets4Buildings (B4B) was established in 2015 after many conversations between two friends about how to make a positive difference in the world. Lee & Kent had both participated in numerous events over the years from soup kitchens, food drives, canvasing for charities and volunteering at the children’s hospital. We each discovered when we came from a place of kindness, with an open heart and no judgment attached to any specific outcome, it can shift another individual from despair to a sense of hope.


After several trips to Thailand and Cambodia, Kent & Lee started B4B after identifying a niche need in rural Thailand and Cambodia, and set out to create sustainable housing solutions for those in need.

The B4B Story in Pictures

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