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Who Are We?

The B4B Team

Heng smiling.jpg
Heng Ram, Construction Manager - Cambodia


Heng manages all construction and logistics for B4B home building programs in Cambodia.   He joined B4B in 2016 as a tuktuk driver and quickly demonstrated skills and initiative that endeared him to the B4B team. With the Covid-19 crisis in 2020, we needed leadership in Siem Reap to continue our building programs. Heng  stepped up to the plate and has been hitting it out of the park ever since! 


With his dazzling Hollywood smile and array of talents, Heng is affectionately know as "Elvis".

He is our essential connector to our client community as a translator and cultural advisor. He is also a master of social media via Facebook and provides a linkage between our clients and our generous sponsors.  Click here to see a tribute to Heng!🙏🌞


Heng Ram

aka "Elvis"

B4B 2021 Team 22Aug2022 webres.jpeg



W. Lee Chandler, Co-Founder & President


From his early years, Lee demonstrated innate qualities of compassion and caring for others. During primary school, he began his outreach through volunteerism by regularly visiting the auxiliary hospital where his grandmother lived.  Working alongside his mother, he developed a strong understanding of the importance of contribution, kindness and thinking of others.  This early experience helped to further open his mind to the many opportunities for participation in numerous charitable activities throughout North America.  During the past decades, Lee has been involved in food drives, feeding the homeless, teaching swimming at a children’s hospital, building homes with Habitat for Humanity and various fundraising efforts.


His personal interests in running, scuba diving, new cultures and travel further exposed him to a broader view of humanitarian needs beyond our own borders. Most specifically in rural Southeast Asia, Lee has been involved in delivering food, housing and other necessities to impoverished people in rural Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia for the past ten years.


Lee brings more than 30 years of experience in land development and commercial/residential building in both the USA and Canada. The combination of his personal and business experiences have made Lee particularly well suited to expand his philanthropic endeavors through Bracelets For Buildings Inc. (B4B), where he is excited to be the Co-Founder and President. B4B’s first international projects in Thailand and Cambodia began in 2015.


Lee’s personal credo can be summarized in this statement: “As a person, I have the responsibility to help others (no matter what race, religion or gender) who due to no fault of their own, cannot truly help themselves”.



Kent Lissack, Co-Founder & Secretary/Treasurer


Kent is the Co-Founder and Treasurer of B4B, which began its international projects in Thailand and Cambodia in 2015.  He retired from the energy industry in 2014 following a 35-year career with ConocoPhillips, Gulf Canada, Crestar International and Norcen Energy.  Kent led business development and has extensive experience in all aspects of the international energy industry having worked on projects in North & South America, the North Sea, Africa, Austral-Asia, and Kazakhstan.


Kent has degrees in Economics from the University of Alberta (1980) and Management from the University of Calgary (1982) with a major in Finance.  He is a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL) and the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN).  In his leisure time, Kent enjoys travel, hiking, cycling, scuba diving, and the challenge of keeping up to his better half.


Kent strives to lead a life of service and to be a Master in the Art of Living:

“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him, he's always doing both.” 
- James A. Michener


Russell at Merns.JPG


Director/Board Member

Russell Thomas, Director at Large


Russell is a full-time artist now based at Birdsong Studio and Healing Centre in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. He spent several decades in marketing, communication and administration leadership roles with a number of organizations. His artistic awakening happened in 2014 at the age of 47. By the age of 50, he became a full-time working artist.  As part of his creative pursuits, he began to discover that his developing skills and growing audience gave him a great platform for philanthropy. He has performed live paintings at numerous major events throughout Alberta, which along with high profile donated paintings, have helped raise funds for multiple charities and causes. Russell joined the board of Bracelets4Buildings in 2018 after having been inspired by their humanitarian work in Cambodia.

Jamie B4B IMG_4436 webres.jpeg


Director/Board Member

Compassionate Compass Cambodia.jpg
Jamie Moorhouse, Director at Large, Co-Founder C4C


Jamie is the Co-Owner of Talking Light Media and the co-founder of Carpenters4Cambodia (C4C).  Jamie returned home from his first trip to Cambodia in 2008 excited to tell the stories of people doing good. The award-winning documentary Compassionate Compass: Cambodia* was the result. With a newfound enthusiasm for doing good, Jamie joined Rotary in 2011.  He soon became Chair of the World Community Service committee for the Rotary Club of Calgary South and is currently the Chair of the District 5360 Grants Committee.  In 2017 C4C partnered with B4B for a project that ultimately led to the creation of Bracelets4Buildings Canada. His experience in working with Rotary clubs and NGO’s from around the world brings a new and welcome approach to projects and fundraising to B4B. 


*The Compassionate Compass: CambodiaThis is the story of three very different people with the same end goal: to help the people of Cambodia. Cambodia suffered one of the worst genocides in human history at the hands of the vicious dictator Pol Pot, and as a result, it is a country in need. The Compassionate Compass tells the story of Marie Ens, Charlotte Seehawer, and Jamie Moorhouse. To see more, check out the 7-min teaser or the full video.

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