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B4B Ambassadors Guidelines

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Guidelines – our joint commitments


B4B Ambassadors will:


  1. Raise sufficient funds for the cost of an entire house, or approximately $4200 USD.

  2. Be responsible for the entire cost of their trip to Cambodia including airfare, accommodation, food, and incidentals.  There may be an additional charge for transport to the house site.

  3. Be given the opportunity to experience the joy of gifting a home to a deserving family. Laughter and hugs are optional!

  4. Have the option to shop in the local market to provide a starter package for the family, estimated cost of $250 USD.  The starter package will consist of food, clothing, and household items to get the family started in their new home.

  5. Have the option, but not the obligation, to participate in the work on-site, if so desired.  Note that B4B strives to provide paid work for local people in the construction of the houses.  While we may assist at times with some tasks, we must ensure that we do not take work away from the local work team.

  6. Submit an Ambassador Application, with references, and agree to a background check if required.

  7. Sign and abide by the B4B Standards of Conduct Agreement.


B4B will commit to:


  1. Welcome our Ambassadors as part of the B4B family and encourage them to represent B4B abroad and help us to fulfill our B4B mission.

  2. Provide bracelets and promotional material at cost to assist with the Ambassador’s fundraising program.

  3. Provide travel information and advice prior to your trip.

  4. Match the Ambassador(s) with a deserving family.

  5. Provide an orientation briefing upon arrival in Cambodia.

  6. Provide suggestions for local accommodation and tour guides.

  7. Provide a Photobook in the months following your trip to commemorate your experience.

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